Lesson Guidelines

  • Payment

Lessons must be paid for monthly for the full-month’s billable time.As an
example, if a lesson is on the 1st of the month, four weeks (4xcost per
lesson) will be collected at the months first lesson. Each standard 30min
lesson will cost $20 cash, or $25 check or credit card.

  • Attendance

Any lessons missed by the instructor will be made up or not-billed to the
student, depending on the availability of the instructor.
For a planned absence, please notify the instructor at the time of payment
at the beginning of the month to ensure billing only for the lessons
For cancellation due to illness, at least 24 hours notice must be given to
the instructor. (Call or text the instructor only please)
Please do not be absent more than once a month. Due to limited availability
for absences, students with continual missed days (even routinely once-a-
month) may be asked to discontinue lessons.
Failure to give proper notice to the teacher means the lesson is NOT made up
but still is paid for.

We care about all our students and want everyone to have a great time
learning to play music. Please help us keep our doors open by trying to
follow this guideline.

-Nate DeMont
DeMont Guitars & Guyatone

Your Instructor is: Ryan Worthy
Contact Phone Number: (224) 357-6251