October / November Newsletter, 2015


DeMont Guitars

October / November Newsletter


Happy Thanksgiving! (and late Halloween)

What’s going on with DeMont Guitars? A LOT of course.
The Worlds Largest Guyatone Collection at DeMont Guitars
We’ve remodeled some of the show room here, and are in the midst of creating more displays for our Guyatone museum.

The new USA Made version of the Guyatone Excelsior 5, designed by Toshihiko Torii, has begun production.
Guyatone Excelsior 5  (E5) USA Model

Epiphone Joe Pass Custom by DeMont Guitars for Luke Underhill

Check out this Epiphone Joe Pass model of Luke Underwood‘s
Luke had us do a custom finish and restore. Great instrument! You’ll never see another Epi Joe Pass like this!

alchemy audio uses DeMont footswitches!

Alchemy Audio now offers the DeMont Smooth-Click Switch “as an upgrade to any pedal where a 3PDT is used.”
“They are durable, easy to work with and definitely have a softer ‘click’ [than] the standard 3PDT Switch.”
Order a pedal and tell them DeMont sent you!

DeMont Guyatone Smooth-Click 3PDT Footswitch

Our sister-company, DeMont MFG, has also been hard at work making OEM parts for other manufacturers, as well as our own DeMont and Guyatone products.
Here’s the latest sign we manufactured for our friends at Fox River Studios
DeMont MFG custom sign for Fox River Studios

We would also like to introduce our friends and Canadian partners:
McNelly Pickups
McNelly Custom Pickups
We recently began manufacturing plastic adjust pole-inserts for McNelly Custom Pickups.
Please support those who support DeMont by purchasing some of their high-quality products!
And if you’re a pickup manufacture in need of similar parts, please contact us!

Let us know what you need made!

Don’t forget we always have openings for Guitar & Bass lessons locally. Call Ryan: (224)357-6251
and check out his band’s new website: FightWithMonsters.com

Fight With Monsters

Fight With Monsters


If you’re a fan of our Ukulele Threads designs, check out Milwaukee Ukulele Festival, coming up Nov 21st
Be sure to visit our partners from UKEEKU.com and purchase some UT designed Skull & Cross Ukulele stickers!

The Ukulele Tree T-Shirt

The Ukulele Tree from UkuleleThreads.com
based off the artwork of Philip S. Smith


The Art Of Dennis Paul Kline

Friend of DeMont Guitars, artist Dennis Paul Kline was recently featured on OnlyOswego.com

If you’ve ever visited our headquarters outside of Chicago, IL, you may have run into our buddy Dennis of The Art of Dennis Paul Kline. Focusing “on the highest quality tattoos and fine arts, ” Dennis runs an office attached directly to ours. Come visit us both!

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