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“…a true friend and an amazing gartist.”

-Brandon D, Arborist

“Your customer service is great. You should be giving lessons to other companies on how to do it right!”

-Mike R.

“I enjoyed my experience so much, the customer service was amazing. Such an awesome little shop!”
-Kyle F.

“Fantastic service! Nate is a great guy, makes you feel at home and does not rush you at all. Would recommend to everyone.”
-Aib D.

“Amazing repair on my guitar and very friendly customer service!”
-Alan L.

“Super professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Highly recommend this shop!”
-Chris W.

“A total gem of a business. So blessed to have Nate’s shop in Oswego.”
-Chris W.

“Exceptional staff, great prices”
-Kevin M.

“Great work, great owner, neat and unique products :)”
-Rebecca R.

“Nate DeMont and his staff are world class. Whether you’re looking for a one of a kind guitar or a professional setup, DeMont guitars is the place.”
-Garret R.

” I would recommend this shop to anyone needing lumber for any instrument project or anyone wanting a custom guitar.”
-Garrett A.

“One of the coolest guitar shops around with an amazing selection of tonewoods and the most helpful customer service!”
-Garrett A.

“…did great work changing the bridge and pickups on my Gretsch guitar. Nate is knowledgeable, professional and personable. I recommend them to service your guitar.”
-Richard B.

“Excellent work. Highly recommended.”

-Robert D.

“Nate is nothing but Awesome and very professional, has become my go to !!!”
-Ken I.

“Great Communication, Fast Shipping, Highly Recommended for anyone looking for a good guitar!”
-Kameron M.

“…I suggest if you are in the market for a guitar you should go check out DeMont Guitars.”
-David S.

“You’re reputation speaks for itself. Keep it up…!”
Scott’s Vintage

” AMAZING repair job by Nate DeMont at DeMont Guitars! I highly recommend going to him for all your guitar wants/needs. Very nice guy, quality work!”
-Alan L.

“It’s easy to promote a product I believe in”
-Johnny Balmer, Alchemy Audio

“Nate and the guys at DeMont did a killer job putting on a new bass nut and cleaning up the rats nest of electronics in my old 80s Yamaha bass…Thank you, from the bottom end of my heart.”

” It is hard to put into words of how amazed I am by what he did to the guitar. It is absolutely astounding!!! If you are looking for anything guitar related, Nate is the guy to go to.”
-Brian J.

“The experience I have had working with Nate is by far the best one I have ever had.”
-Brian J

“I’m making your storefront a ‘favorite’ seller, and I hope to do more business in the future…THANK YOU!!!”

“…great about answering my questions-Excellent!!”

“Whole operation, gear and Nate, real class act and would work with anytime on doing deals, sets the standards for great business person!!”
-Scott Carfrae, Carfrae Custom Guitars

“Your company has 100% rating on eBay, and now I know why…A Big Thank You!”
Steve L.

“How can a man who is not a genius have built such an empire?”
Dan B.

“…you’ve got a hell of a good reputation, I’ve come to find out…your name has popped up in a few cases as a go-to guy.”
Greg R.

“I’m really enjoying learning guitar at DeMont.  I really like the atmosphere that you have set up in there and I really love being there.”
-Luke W. / Student

“It’s been great being your customer…. You deserve to do really well. You are a reliable, kind, good man.”

“Without individuals like him, there would be no guitarists.”
-Roger Smit

“I trust [DeMont Guitars] 110% that you’ll do a perfect job!”
Luke Underhill

“It was great! I sat and talked to him…. DeMont Guitars; They’re great!”
-John Stenger, WAUG FM

“When Jadam destroys his guitars on stage DeMont brings them back to life!”
-Jadam James and the Multifelons

“The set up you did was absolutely fantastic… It feels like a brand new guitar…I’m blown away. Just blown away.”
-N. Fischer

“…did an awesome job on my Epiphone. He installed a new roller bridge and fixed a loose pickup. He’s fast, skilled and a really friendly guy. I’ll definitely be back.”
Ryan Z.

“My guitars have never played better, sounded cleaner and been handled with such care. DeMont Guitars is a class act through and through and I look forward to many years of business together.”
-Nikolas Scott

“Nate is nothing but Awesome and very professional, has become my go to !!!”
-Ken Ingo

“Nothing but the best workmanship and customer service. NATE you are the BEST !!!!”
-Ken Ingo

“Nate DeMont not only built me a dream guitar to my specs – he’s nice to look at too!”
-Philip Smith / Save Station

“Wow! Nate is awesome and does great work,
he did a nice dragon inlay for me and it turned out perfect!”
-David Choaté

“Excellent work. Highly recommended. Nate fixed many projects for me.”
-Robert DeFrancisco

“Great Communication, Fast Shipping, Highly Recommended for anyone looking for a good guitar!
Five Stars! Will do business with again. A++”

-Kameron McCrary

“possibly the best sounding guitar I have ever played…..
Nate has a dedication to his craft that many people only claim to have.”

– Philip Smith / Save Station

“Nate has customized two bass guitars for me and they are, by far, my favorite instruments to play. The wireless setup he has worked out is amazing–it should come standard on every guitar!”
-John Tyalor /  Dynoride

“…can not stress how satisfied I am with Nate’s work…he’s done such great work on setups, trem work on both my strats and les Paul. “
-Jon Bauer / The Normal Street Band


DeMont provides high quality boutique & custom instruments and parts. We specialize in restoring vintage Japanese guitars as well as bringing them back to life with more modern functionality.   Our custom pickups and electrics are made in cooperation with partner company, Malagoli Captadores in Sao Palo, Brazil.DeMont also works closely with Guyatone- Japan, manufacturing pickups, parts and instruments in the US, while offering all Guyatone products for sale in the US. Likewise, DeMont products are offered in Japan by Japan DeMont.
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