30% Discount – Introducing Vintage NEW Guyatone Guitar Straps!

This is a limited run of very special guitar straps.
Guyatone has acquired vintage raw material from the Wabash strap factory; makers of vintage ACE, Fender, Gibson, etc…

We have worked with Perri’s (Canada) to create this final product using the best leather, metal rivets, and metal brackets to recreate the original feel of the iconic vintage straps from the 60s and 70s.

This NOS material is a one-shot deal. Though we have a considerable amount, once it is used up, it us gone and there will never be more material to make original new vintage straps again.

There are two version available.

1. Nylon backing 

2. Italian leather 

This is a pre-order sale limited to 15 straps. For jumping on this deal now, before production, we are offering these straps at a reduced price.

*Please Note – if you have preference for a Gold or Silver logo, let us know!

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Author: DeMont Guitars