August / September Newsletter, 2015


DeMont Guitars

August / Septmeber Newsletter

The DeMont / Guyatone Smooth-Click footswitch is officially available!
Order online here:

The HIGHEST QUALITY footswitch you can purchase. Made specifically for audio signal in Japan, this switch has come back to production thanks to DeMont MFG LLC (DeMont Guitars) and their partnership with Guyatone.

Made with Gold connections and cupped-bottom posts, the Smooth-ClickTM switch is a directly replacement for the Mighty Micro series pedals. This is also a great option to replace your current favorite stomp box switch. The circuit is designed with revolutionary technology for absolutely not line-click, pop or mishaps with hard-to-press buttons.

The Smooth-Click switches are available for OEM mass production as well. Please contact:

ABC-Z Japan
ABC-Z, band from Japan, holding a Blue DeMont / Guyatone S7
Scott Warren - Hannesco Technology, Nate DeMont - DeMont / Guyatone
Our engineering partner, Scott Warren from Kansas made it out to the shop for a few hours to say hello. 



Ukulele Threads

In many cuts and colors! as low as $14.99 + shipping

Thanks to artist Philip Smith for working on these new Ukulele Threads T-Shirt designs. A combination of pen, water color, and digital fun, its not only a piece of clothing, but a work of art!

Based on our most popular “Skull & Cross Ukulele” design, this original watercolor, digitally enhanced, from artist Philip Smith comes in time to order for Halloween!

 For a less haunting Ukulele display of affection, take a look at the beautiful “Ukulele Tree” shirt.

In many cuts and colors! as low as $14.99 + shipping

Get our famous Skull & Cross Uke design in vinyl sticker form from

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