December, 2015 / January, 2016


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December / January Newsletter

Happy new year! It has been a busy time here as we prepare for 2016 and our new products and services. Thank you to all our customers who have made orders, purchased guitars here, come in for service or taken lessons!

The demand for our DeMont Smooth-Click foot pedal switches has been so great, we are currently back-ordered on these parts.  If you are a small manufacturer and want to place and order at OEM pricing to use in your products, or want to sell them in your shop or become a distributor for your country.

DeMont Guyatone Smooth-Click 3PDT Footswitch

alchemy audio uses DeMont footswitches!

In the US, order from or
Alchemy Audio offers a great service to install the DeMont Smooth-Click switch, as well as many other modifications.

Red Sun FX

Check out the latest high-end manufacturer to begin using our switches, °red sun fx, Germany.

THREE fans received DeMont tattoos this month! Do something you won’t regret until later, and get our tattoo

jeff tattoo jeremy tattoo dana tattoo

A.B.C.Z , popular J-Pop band in Japan has shown up a lot this past year with our DeMont / Guyatone S7 !


DeMont embroidered beanies now available! $10 + ship ($3 in the US)
They are going fast! be cool, get one. Please inquire:


The Guyatone Wah Rocker WR6 by DeMont has come to Brazil!
While we are taking special orders upon request now, it’ll soon be more widely available and automated.
Watch for the Edu Trinnes signature WR6 in video and print in Brazil.
Edu Trinnes


Our Guyatone E5 will be displayed at NAMM 2016 this weekend at the Alexander Pedals booth, #1288
If you’re at the NAMM Show, please stop, play it, check out their pedals and take a photo with the guitar!


DeMont Guitars Oswego LessonsIf you’re local, sign up for guitar lessons here in Oswego!



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