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February Newsletter


DeMont Guitar Lessons Oswego, ILSign up for lessons! openings on Mondays & Wednesdays.
Ryan is a fantastic instructor with a great attitude. He’s ready to help you learn whatever you have your heart set on.

DeMont Guitars Japan
DeMont Guitars Japan now up and running online!
DeMont items now available to ship directly from Japan.

History of Japanese Electric Guitars - for sale - Guyatone

For years now, Frank Meyers of DrowningInGuitars.com, has been doing first hand research, as well as over-seas trips to document the history of vintage Japanese electric guitars.
Guyatone, being one of the very first and most famous Japanese guitar manufacturers, of course claims a large part of the research in this book. Nate DeMont (of DeMont Guitars) just happens to have the worlds LARGEST Guyatone collection, and now works with Guyatone; making and selling items out of our headquarters in Oswego, IL.  We have been glad to contribute photos and information for Meyers’s new book: History of Japanese Electric Guitars and now you can pre-order the worlds most comprehensive study on Japanese electric guitars from our sister website: Guyatone.us
Please take some time to check it out!

DeMont / Guyatone Wah Rocker WR6 AutoWah


Final stages of design for the Guyatone / DeMont Wah Rocker WR6 continue, so look for this item for sale in the near future



Guyatone WR6 Wah Rocker Prototype, NAMM 2015
Our shop in Oswego, IL has been gearing up for more manufacturing, including these WR6 effects pedals, and new guitars.
DeMont Guitars - luthier workshop

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Remember you check check out what’s in the showroom each week via our 3D Tour: Tour.DeMontGuitars.com

DeMont Guitars 3D Tour
DeMont Guitars Horseman

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