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The DeMont Goldfinch is here!

Due to popular demand, current wait time for delivery is approximately 2 months


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pixel Goldfinch

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(please inquire)International: $150 USD

pixel Goldfinch

“AAA” Level = Heavily patterned spalting, figuring and/or mineral deposits on Basswood, Silver Poplar, White Cherry, Maple, Walnut or specialty wood. Your choice of Walnut or Maple neck with Walnut or Maple fretboard


The Goldfinch is the brainchild of long-time DeMont friend and artist, Philip Smith of New Jersey. The vintage inspired design will not give you the feel or sound of any standard Fender or Gibson. Following the lead of some of the most famous Chicago-based guitar manufacturers of the past, with two microphonic gold-foil pickups that re-produce every nuance of your playing, and a slightly wider solid-bone nut than standard, this guitar will bring you back to the blues rock days of the the 60′s.
The entire body and neck are made from locally (Illinois) milled lumber and include species not always deemed standard in the guitar world. ¬†Made in the USA, this is one of the most affordable nationally made guitars with the most hands-on craftsmanship. 25.5″ scale with all American made bolt on neck.


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