Guyatone Releases New Guitar Straps from Original Old Material

Guyatone Releases New Guitar Straps from Original Old Material
After Acquiring New-Old-Stock From the Basement of an Old Factory, Guyatone makes NEW Straps

Chicago, IL: Recently, Guyatone was able to obtain some of the very last of the jacquard weave used on the original ACE guitar straps. The Wabash factory, located on Wabash Ave, Chicago, was responsible for numerous OEM straps, including ACE, Gibson, Fender, and many others.

The owners of Guyatone became aware that the remaining stock lay in the basement of a former neighbor of the Wabash factory. With the help of Perri’s Straps, we are able to bring to market, brand NEW straps made from the very same old-stock material.  Our New-Old straps use high quality metal rivets and buckles, as well as 100% leather ends with gold & silver leafed Guyatone “G” logos. They are available with a nylon backing, or Italian Leather. 

Over time, Guyatone  plans to introduce several of the last few remaining designs. But because these are irreplaceable, once the remaining stock of material is gone, these strap-designs-from history will be gone from the new-market forever. 

These can be purchased at                                              


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