Introducing the DeMont “Verb”!

Introducing the DeMont “Verb”!
This first model was made nearly completely from the The Hobson Oak; a 250 year old landmark of Naperville, Illinois
It is currently being auctioned for the 360 Youth Services charity even.

Please bid! this is a fantastic and unique instrument

This new DeMont body style has been dubbed the “Verb” and is the first of its new body style! The body is a single solid piece of Hobson Oak that has been sealed and epoxy-filled to keep the natural feel of the of the original lumber. Amazingly this body also survived a fire sustained by DeMont Guitars in December of 2017, after which we had to re-sand and re-finish it. Signs of this can be seen in the dark rings along the grain-line on the back of the guitar.
The neck is a solid piece of quarter sawn Hobson Oak in which we stabilized inside our vacuum chamber; replacing all the air inside the lumber with resin. Sanding and oiling the natural oak after vacuum stabilization provides a smooth satin finish even though no top-coat has been applied. The fretboard has also been vacuum resin stabilized and made from local walnut with maple inlays.
Featuring DeMont “GoldFinch” pickups (out of phase bridge pickup) and a combination of composite and local walnut pickguard, the electronics have an innovative layout utilizing a blend [between pickups], volume, and tone – using a vintage ERO capacitor obtained from an old factory via Estonia! The neck plate was manufactured from aluminum at our shop in Oswego, and marked with our jewelry-grade CNC rotary etcher.

The hard case has been printed by Master Uniform and Screen Print of Oswego.

25.5″ Scale length, 16″ fretboard radius. Tulip-style chrome tuners, clamshell hook tailpiece.”


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