March Newsletter, 2015


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March Newsletter

Newsletter, just in the nick-of-time!
The most exciting news of this month is that Frank Meyers, of, book “History of Japanese Electric Guitars” is finally here!

This book is composed of first-hand research and years of documenting history.
Meyers traveled to Japan to speak with the original surviving employees and contractors of some of the very first Japanese guitar manufacturers including Guyatone, Teisco and Fujigen Gakki.

You’ll find photos from the factories manufacturing instruments in the 1960’s as well as detailed images for documentation. Nate DeMont of DeMont Guitars was honored to have photos of his collection printed for reference. Also, the in the back of the book you’ll see a half-page print of Nate DeMont with his Guyatone hoard! Be sure to pick up a copy of this book:
Here’s a coupon code for $1 off: DEMONTNEWSLETTER   (exp 04/30/15)

History of Japanese Electric Guitars by Frank Meyers

History of Japanese Electric Guitars by Frank Meyers

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