November Newsletter, 2014


DeMont Guitars
November Newsletter

Welcome to our new intern Lukas:

Intern Lukas at DeMont Guitars

Lukas has been taking lessons at DeMont Guitars for more than a year, and now will spend several hours a week working and learning business here!

Scars Borough - DeMont - Guyatone

Thanks to our good friends of the band Scars Borough in Japan for mention in their latest album release.  They work both with our Japanese counter-part, DeMont Japan and US subsidiary, Guyatone US . The album is amazing, please check it out!

DeMont Guitar Straps - Recycled Riffs

watch for these to be for sale soon!

Soon we will feature hand-crafted DeMont brand guitar straps hand-made in California by Recycled Riffs, from all recycled material including vintage fabric.

Much progress has been underway for the development of the new Guyatone / DeMont WR6 Autowah guitar effects pedal and we expect to have something to show and for sale within the next several months.
DeMont Guyatone Wah Rocker WR6 Auto Wah Pedal

Many other projects and exciting news still being worked on, so stay in touch via our facebook page at:

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