October Newsletter, 2014

DeMont Guitars
October Newsletter

Busy month at DeMont Guitars! . First half of October has been filled with design and manufacturing processes of a new DeMont / Guyatone US auto wah pedal designed with the help of famous engineer Toshihiko Torii (Sony, Hao, Guyatone, DeMont Japan) Expect to see the pedal for sale by early 2015, and don’t forget to follow along on our partner companies facebook page: www.Facebook.com/Guyatone

Hannesco Technologies

Nate DeMont touring the circuit board factory with Scott Warren, Kansas City, MO



DeMont Guitars Steer Skull Tshirt

Foil-pressed DeMont Steer-skull TShirts are now available in our store for $12 and soon online. If you would like to order one before web-availability, feel free to send us an email: Info@DeMontGuitars.com

DeMont Guitars Oswego, IL Guitar Lessons

*GUITAR LESSONS* Don’t forget we have some open slots for guitar lessons here at our local shop: 61A Stonehill Road, Oswego, IL. Only $20/30 minutes! Call Ryan to book now: (224)357-6251


Lawrence March with DeMont customized Bass

Lawrence March has been a long-time friend of DeMont Guitars, and recently we repaired an acoustic bass of his with a neck completely broken in half!
You’d never know now after being glued, primed, painted, finished and buffed, as well as a new fret or two. We didn’t think he would mind a couple added features such as an old photo of Nate & himself on the headstock and a rosette complete with his logo.

Lawrence March with DeMont customized Bass

Special thanks to Top Banana for help with some of these graphics.

Lawrence March with DeMont customized Bass

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